Terissa Aronson

For St. Lucie County School Board, District 2

A candidate who is involved, who understands her community,

and who is willing to fight for what our teachers, students, and families deserve.


Vision, Issues, & Values

Vision:  St. Lucie Public Schools must expand opportunities for all students entering adulthood. Economic development in St. Lucie County is dependent upon our ability to deliver a workforce.  Manufacturing has become a priority as it delivers the most impact within a local economy.  What we continue to struggle with is training opportunities for our students that set them up to earn a livable wage. With the expansion of our manufacturing partners, we will see increased distribution of funds at all levels of the local economy. We must get back to basics with service specific trainings that give students a solid base to eventually expand their knowledge in a paying manufacturing job. We need expanded offerings in welding, electric, plumbing, HVAC, automotive, design, IT and even CAD.

The introduction of a trade can increase a students capabilities in other subjects as well as increase their self-esteem. It can give a child hope and demonstrate success to younger students.  The ability to place graduating seniors in a job that can provide a livable wage will allow them to be a generational leader.

I want our school system to go from number 4 in trade and certification offerings to number 1.

Issues:  The barriers to our success are limited resources. We have a deficit of essential housing in St. Lucie County. Living in Florida creates some unique problems. It is paradise and everyone wants to be here.  This drives our essential workers out of housing options. Our teachers lack necessary resources in the classroom, not just tangible items. There is insecurity in terms of safety, liability and pay.

Soft skills among our youth are lacking. It is essential for all adults to understand simple economics in order to handle a household or even personal budget. Some young people today can’t address an envelope, write a letter or make eye contact in an interview.  This must change.

Values: Parents play the most pivotal role in a child’s development. Not all kids learn the same, interact the same or are the same. The only similarity of children is their universal need to receive an education that renders them proficient in reading, writing and math. With this in mind, I support the protection of parental input in a child’s education.


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St. Lucie County Schools

The SLPS Board sets policies and rules that govern the administration of the school district. The board operates according to both Florida law and state Department of Education regulations, and it sets policy only when members meet in official session.

Terissa Aronson For St. Lucie County School Board

The Leadership Our Schools Need Right Now

Terissa hails from Newark, Ohio where she grew up in a family of six. Her father, a retired acoustical scientist, and homemaker mother followed her to St. Lucie County in 2008. They are currently serving on Terissa’s campaign team.

She graduated from Newark High School and went on to Ohio State University. Terissa holds a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management. She currently serves as the President and CEO of the St. Lucie County Chamber of Commerce where she facilitates both the Leadership St. Lucie and the Young Floridian programs.

Supported & Endorsed By Your Community 

Terissa Aronson’s bid for a seat on the St. Lucie County School Board is bolstered by endorsements from a diverse array of community members and influential organizations. Notably, she is supported by the Treasure Coast Builders Association, reflecting her strong engagement with local industry leaders and her commitment to fostering educational excellence as a cornerstone for community development. Her campaign is also endorsed by the TIGER PAC and the Education Association of St. Lucie, which underscores her deep connection to the needs and priorities of our educators and students. Terissa’s wide-ranging support from these and other groups highlights the broad confidence in her vision and leadership abilities to enhance our educational systems.


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